How Two Katherines began...

Welcome! I teach on line and in person paint/craft parties. I give the gift of crafting/painting to others because it brings me so much joy that I have to share this magic! I'm always creating something new and unique so join me on this journey!

Back in March of 2016, my mom passed away and in October of the same year, my company announced the closure of the factory where I worked; and the fires in Gatlinburg took the condo where we always vacationed. My emotions had taken a toll. I did some deep soul searching to decide if I wanted to stay in my current occupation or make some major changes. The job searches were not going well and my heart and my head were telling me I needed a change. I started thinking about the skills my parents taught me and how I had not used them for a long time. The type of skills that take you back to your roots.

Luckily, I worked at an office furniture manufacturer and saw a business opportunity. The factory made chairs and desks, I worked in the seating division. When chairs were produced, there was always fabric left over. That was when I thought of starting my own business and realized that if I could repurpose the remnants into a product like pillows or handbags that would also help reduce landfill waste. Double bonus!

I became passionate about finding fabric remnants and trims to make one-of-a-kind pillows. I started combing through antique, thrift, and fabric stores to find jewelry, buttons, and beads I could add to my pillows and give life back to an object that no longer had a purpose. 


I want to honor my mom with this business since she was the one who raised me and taught me everything growing up. I was trying to decide on a name and it just came to me one day...Two Katherines Family Traditions. The two Katherines are my mom and my daughter, who is named after my mom. The Family Traditions is for all the things I learned growing up on a farm and have been instilled in me from an early age.

They say when one door closes another opens. In this case it did. The process has taken almost three years from the time my old job ended to the point where I am now. The fear of the unknown has been one of my biggest roadblocks along with a lack of money and resources. I had to learn photography, how to build a website, how to network, how social media works. Once I accomplish a task, I feel energized and I know I can do this. The biggest lesson I have learned is to never give up on your dream. 

I want my customers to feel that they have made a very special purchase; and their friends will desire these exclusive pillows in their homes too. My pillows are not mass manufactured and I only offer a small quantity of each design I create. I also want my customers to feel proud that they are doing something to help the environment. I am thrilled to start the next chapter of my life and delighted you will be with me. 

Sandra Drake - Owner

Two Katherines Family Traditions